Yes! It's a great value and it is Adams State University’s policy that all Campus Residents living in Conour, Girault, or Coronado purchase a meal plan each semester, unless excused by the Office of Housing. Contact the Office of Housing at (719) 587-7227 for details. Students not living in Conour, Girault, or Coronado are also welcome to purchase any of the meal plans or a commuter meal plans.

Flexi Dollars are a one time per semester amount that can be used in the Food Court, La Mesa Dining Room, and SLV Proud Market. They work like a pre-paid debit card with funds kept on your student ID card. You can also purchase just flexi to exempt you from taxes

Flexi Dollars expire at the end of the semester.

Breakfast or lunch meal replacement is available at the Food Court from 7:30am to 4:00pm. La Mesa Dining Hall has a new To-Go option program that can help when your schedule is tight. Please call 719-587-7861 or see La Mesa Dining cashiers for details. 

Yes! If you are sick and cannot come to the dining room for a meal, a friend can be authorized, in writing, by your Resident Assistant, to pick up food for you. 

Yes, please let us know! Our Campus Dining Services Program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. For more information, please contact us at (719) 587-7861.

If you have purchased the 9 Meal, 15 Meal or 19 Meal plans for La Mesa Dining you have the option of participating in a once per day Meal Exchange at the Food Court from 7:30am to 4:00pm. There are varieties of items to select from either The Grille, or Simply to Go. Check out the menu at the Food Court for the select Meal Exchange items.